vCIOs save hours managing IT roadmaps

Features MSPs can leverage

Integrate with ConnectWise® and AutoTask

Pull data automatically from your PSA for complete asset management capability

vCIO Process

Standardise the delivery of your vCIO services.


Audit and assess your clients' networks to make sure they are up to your company standards.

Build an IT Roadmap for your vCIO / QBR Meetings

Capture all upcoming projects for every client and outline costs and agreement changes

Build a Lifecycle for each Asset

The App connects to hardware Manufacturers’ websites to capture purchase dates and warranties (HP / HPE / Dell / Lenovo / Microsoft). The app also manages the end-of-life of Windows Operating Systems.

For every IT asset, manage and gain instant visibility of:

Establish Policies for Each Asset Category

Use properties and rules for each category of asset with the ability to override and change the policy, or warranty information, as required

Customize Policies per Client

All clients are different and policies can be tailored to each individual client's requirements

Create Budgets Automatically

As asset inventories populate the app, budgets get defined in real-time for faster availability and strategic planning

Generate Flexible Reports in Word & Excel

Have full editing capability to modify reports once created - no static PDFs for faster updates

Simplify Login & Authentication

Leverage Office 365 to sign in and gain access to the App

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