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Icon PSA Sync

Sync data from
your PSA

Pull asset information from your PSA (ConnectWise Manage or Autotask PSA) to guarantee data consistency.

Icon Timely Renewals

Replace assets
on time

Schedule warranty renewals and asset replacements in time so you (and your client) always know what’s coming up and never forget anything.

Icon vCIO Process

Standardize your process

Harmonize QBR documents and structure across all your vCIO team to ensure a repeatable experience for all clients.

Icon Save Time

Save countless hours

Save your vCIOs precious time without compromising on the quality of the budget and roadmap presented to your clients.

Create precise, personalized budgets & roadmaps

Asset lifespan, warranty coverage, replacement costs policies can be tailored to each individual client’s requirements.

  • Quick templates applied for fast setup
  • Tweak for greater precision
  • Track assets, project opportunities and agreements

Each client is different. Treat them as such.

Complete information from hardware manufacturer APIs

Warranty information from major manufacturers is automatically looked up to ensure precise information.

  • Dell, Lenovo, HP, HPE, Cisco / Meraki, and more
  • Optionally write back dates to your PSA
  • Budget replacements using purchase date and desired lifespan

Generate flexible reports
in MS Word & Excel

Retain full editing capabilities to modify reports once created – no static PDFs for faster updates.
  • Output to MS Word documents
  • Truly customize the documents, much more than just sticking your logo onto it
  • Configure the IT Plan sections you wish to present

Standardize your
vCIO Services delivery

Define how often you want to meet with a client and perform routine IT audits. Event reminders will be sent out to your team members.

  • Notify vCIO and/or Account Manager about upcoming event
  • Notification by email, PSA activity or PSA ticket
  • Define and assign process templates according to your client’s size

Integrates with your PSA

Asset data is imported from your PSA to ensure a single source of truth, Service Tickets and Sales Opportunities can be created in your PSA.
  • Integrates with ConnectWise Manage or Autotask PSA
  • Push Service Tickets to your PSA for supported issues found during an audit
  • Create Project Opportunities for bigger issues to include them in your IT roadmap. Push them as Sales Opportunities in your PSA when ready

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