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SaaS-Based App for vCIO Efficiency


IT Roadmap & IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Create a Detailed Roadmap for your Clients

Leverage a vCIO Dashboard Environment

with a full view of clients’ asset IT inventories

Automatically Generate Detailed Budgets
for strategic planning, saving hours of time for high-value resources
Create a Plan for every Asset on your Clients’ Infrastructure

for better planning and budgeting of assets over time

Connect to Manufacturer’s API

to get information on warranties, purchase date details, etc.

Personalize Settings Per Client
with full customization over asset data, reports, categories & policies
Integrates with ConnectWise

and will link to other RMM systems in the future


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Plan & Budget Upcoming Client Projects

MSP screenshot - Plan & Budget Upcoming Client Projects

Manage the Lifecycle of All Categories of Assets

  • Firewalls
  • Laptops
  • Physical Servers
  • UPS
  • Switches
  • Virtual Servers
  • Virtualization Hosts
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Workstations
  • And any other item in your RMM (such as mobile devices, printers, routers, etc.)

Become Even More of a Valued Advisor

Professionally Manage IT Roadmaps with Ease

Benefits for MSPs & vCIOs as Trusted Advisors

Proactively & Professionally Manage Clients

Create 5-Year client IT Roadmap plans with accuracy and speed using continuously updated warranty, purchase date and end-of-life information

Create a Detailed Budget

Better plan for upcoming projects, agreement changes, asset replacement, warranties, etc.

Save Time
Prepare quarterly reports for QBRs in a fraction of time
Generate More Revenue

Allow clients to budget ahead with accurate plans for cloud, hardware, software and services

Create High-Quality, Branded Documentation

Generate reports, budgets and summaries for quick review customized with branded colors, logos, etc.

Get Support
Find help features in the product for ease-of-use and ongoing support

Win / Win

Benefits for MSPs & Clients

MSP Benefits

  • Proactively & professionally manage asset inventories in one app and customize environments, per client
  • Save time and plan QBRs and annual meetings in a fraction of the time
  • Increase client trust by continuously managing their valuable assets
  • Reduce liability & risk with professional documentation and plans
  • Automatically generate detailed budgets
  • Create reports tailored to each client's business needs
  • Generate more revenue as clients can budget ahead with accurate plans for hardware, software and service

MSP Client Benefits

  • Plan IT budget with accuracy using detailed reports outlining timeframes and due dates for IT assets
  • Reduce support costs by knowing the status of assets at all times
  • Don't miss warranty or service updates when needed
  • Stay compliant with full confidence your assets are being managed and maintained, year-round
  • Gain even greater trust in your MSP provider with full documentation and budgets to support your business strategy


“Our vCIOs were spending 8-12 hours, per client, to generate a complete annual IT Asset Budget. With Propel Your MSP, it now takes just 1 hour.”
Chas Arnold, Partner
“Propel Your MSP is very easy to use, highly customizable & generates great reports.”
Eric Bouchard, vCIO
S3 Technologies
“Great Tool, Great Value. Propel Your MSP helped us grow current client revenue for Professional Services.”
Steven Ellis, Vice President
Bellwether Technology
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