The vCIO Playbook Part 2 – Mindset

To excel as a vCIO, adopting the right mindset is crucial. Let’s explore effective strategies for creating strong client relationships and establishing yourself as an indispensable, trusted tech advisor.


Start Strong with Strategic Alignment

The cornerstone of your role as a vCIO is a profound understanding of your client’s business. This understanding starts with a well-executed strategic alignment meeting, where you dig into every aspect of your client’s business. For insights on conducting these meetings effectively, read my previous post on strategic alignment.


Key Challenges: Choices and Costs
In your advisory role, you will often encounter two primary challenges: decision-making and cost management.


Decision-Making: While you may initially think clients are seeking multiple options, they truly need clear, decisive recommendations. They rely on you not to present a buffet of tech solutions but to guide them toward the best course of action. For example, in choosing between a single or a redundant firewall, the decision should be based on a thorough understanding of the client’s specific needs and operational demands. Your expertise lies in providing a confident recommendation that aligns with their operational context and business goals.


Financial Discussions: Discussing costs can be challenging, particularly if you find yourself questioning what your client is prepared to invest. Rather than negotiating with yourself over the potential cost concerns, focus on the broader impact of your recommendations. Consider the client’s annual revenue, the potential cost of downtime, and productivity losses among their employees. Recommend solutions that are truly necessary, such as advocating for a redundant firewall in a client whose operations are critically dependent on continuous cloud connectivity. Allow the client to assess whether the investment is justified by the potential risks.


Developing the vCIO Mindset
Adopting the vCIO mindset involves more than just technical knowledge; it requires confidence in your recommendations and a deep understanding of their impact on your client’s success. By firmly positioning yourself as a trusted advisor, you demonstrate that your guidance is not only helpful but essential for navigating the complexities of technology.

Do your clients realize your true value?

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