Customer Testimonial

S3 Technologies

Before using Propel, building a strategic plan for our clients’ IT Infrastructure was a laborious process. Data had to be pulled from various disparate systems and combined manually by the vCIO. Hardware lifecycles were hard to track, and some assets would be missed. Audits were completed using Excel files which were not documents meant for presentation to decision makers.

Since we’re a team of 5 vCIOs and 5 Account Managers, it meant there were a lot of differing opinions and ways of designing and presenting the strategic plans.

Correlating the information in a usable way was error prone and the overall document / plan lacked standardisation.  Building out the strategic plan took many hours to complete meaning our team was losing valuable time.

Enter Propel!

We now have a streamlined process via a single pane of glass for creating standardized strategic plans. The hardware lifecycle and budgeting are automated, auditing is a simple, repeatable process and project opportunities can be synchronized easily with our quoting system.

We are able to track all aspects of our clients’ infrastructure year-to-year and easily reference past plans and budgets.

Our vCIO team has greatly improved overall efficiency while bringing better value to our customers with a comprehensive, repeatable strategic plan. We are now able to provide a consistent, concise presentation to all of our customers and time is spent on the things that truly matter.

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Trevor Reid-Owston
Technical Advisor / Team Lead
S3 Technologies