Don’t Be Scared of Budget Discussions

Do you ever feel bad presenting a budget to your client and find yourself thinking “What are they going to say?” or “It’s too much, they’ll never accept it”? It doesn’t have to be that way. When done right, budget discussions shouldn’t feel like a tense negotiation between you and your client. If you start […]

“vCIO Talks” w/ Bryan Lukralle

In this episode of “vCIO Talks”, Simon chats with Bryan Lukralle, VP Client Strategy at Charter Technology Solutions (CTS). Charter Technology Solutions is an MSP primarily servicing Charter Schools in New York state. vCIO Talks is a podcast about vCIOs talking to vCIOs, discussing their business and their vision for the MSP and strategic […]

Setting the Right vCIO Objectives

We all know that compensation is a driver of behaviour. Choosing the right objectives to give bonuses to vCIOs is critical to get the behaviour you are looking for. The wrong objectives could have unforeseen effects and break what you are trying to achieve. I’m a strong believer that the vCIO’s #1 priority is to […]

Ditch the QBRs

Ditch the quarterly business reviews! I have never been a fan of the term “quarterly business review” (QBR) for a bunch of reasons. For one, I don’t think you can do a proper business review in a single meeting. The term QBR implies you will review the service that was delivered, analyze metrics, identify problems […]

Your Standards Are Your DNA

Your standards are your DNA as an MSP. If someone was to log onto to one of your client’s network, they should almost be able to know you are managing them just by going through how everything is configured. The standards by which you setup your clients are your DNA. These should be unique to […]